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Show Me the Money!

Jul 23rd 08
By Janine Ketterer

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  • good point, we don´t pay rent, but we have a high level of tolerance and make sacrifices such as living in tight quarters and sometimes not necessarly with whom we´d like to share a cabin with, we do have a chef that prepares great food for the crew and for free and so would anyone working in Food and beverage industry such as a hotel, resort, restaurant, etc... I think you wouldn´t have to worry about those car/gas issues if you lived in urban cities with excellent transportation such as Copenahgen, or NYC or England... Ye swe make sacrifices, we ultimately decide to live this way adn yes the perks are amazing, but salary increases is the topic, there is nothing wrong with receiving that, or asking for it, I mean this is not the Army, this is the Luxury yacht industry and your not a soldier but a professional in your field with qualifications and skills that demand the attention and pay increases... I believe in be happy for what you have not what you don´t pleae don´t get me wrong, but I also believe in getting paid and appreciated/rewarded for those skills and for some it is a lifetime of education adn work to get to that level so let´s not down play point.
    Posted by CHAZ_1 05/02/2009 01:04:42

  • This year has been my first ever in the 13 years of working on yachts on this side of the globe; that mere novices to the industry are walking off the dock and demanding high salaries with a confidence never seen before. When asked as to why they demand such a salary; they tell me they have mates on yachts and that is the "going rate". Part of it is bar talk; always over inflated; part of it is the brats that are being produced these days think the world owes them a living; and oh; they don't have to work for it either. Often I find that these younger un-worldly beings drop their bags onboard and silently tell themselves "I've made it" and the downward slide begins. One crew member told me the other day "All I wanted to do was to come here and have fun; give the guests my best effort". Well that's fine but don't forget yachts have rules and regulations and discipline.
    There is a food chain and it is more often than not based on experience and rank which sets the rate of pay the indivisual will receive.
    Pays have risen for those who are on Euros; for those on US Dollars mostly have dropped. A general rule of thumb; those on Euros now are probably on the same numeral as those on Dollars were on; a big difference. Over all however; I believe salaries are way behind what they were 13 years ago when I first came here. May yachts don't have annual pay rises. At the very least pays should rise by the same level of inflation. It is a very unsuaul industry as we all know; which has its own rules within. Really no outside authority regarding pay is there for us. It is often individual negotiation with the owner and this depends on time spent with the same owner; his relationship with you and his generosity.
    Get hold of a good owner and keep him or her; they are rare!
    Captain Kaj Christensen
    Posted by Capt Kaj 20/08/2008 14:25:39

  • "Look at this way: Your Crew. You live on board a yacht, you generally don't pay rent, your chef-prepared food costs are covered and you don't have to worry about car insurance or rising gas prices. Consider yourself fortunate."
    Finally someone who gets it. The only job that I had (and I mean only) that paid for my food and uniforms was the Army. Right now I pay for my own insurance and my families. I'm ashore right now with two kids in college & a third in 2 more years. And I'll stay ashore until their done. I'm not going to miss their growing up for anything. Sunny beaches, exotic ports of call etc...will just have ta wait.
    Posted by Kevin 14/08/2008 07:46:52

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