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Show Us Your Photos

Jul 14th 08
By Matt Gomez

Everyone loves a pretty face, even if it isn’t your own. Post your pretty face and others in your personal photo album at

Uploading your pics to is a snap. Just go to your My Dockwalk page, click on “Photos” and follow the simple instructions to showcase your best shots.

Add the photos on your profile page and they will magically appear on the homepage of for all to see.

Why should you post your photos to Because will host contests and various other online events involving user-generated photos.

Besides, don’t you want everyone to see how cool you look when you’re surfing in Australia?

The photos have no limits, beyond those of good taste. You can take photos of yourself, your friends or your yacht. Snap photos at favorite events. Share photos of family and pets. Upload photos of your crewmates being their goofy selves. The opportunities are limitless, and we’d love to see them all.

Our assistant editor Janine Ketterer will be perusing the photo albums at for the best crew shots to appear in upcoming issues of Dockwalk magazine. Who knows? You may be featured in print and online. How’s that for exposure?

Here’s how some of your peers are filling their photo albums on

Chef Peter Z. on the Sea's Dockwalk -- FOOD PHOTOS!

Eva’s Dockwalk

Rebecca’s Dockwalk

Tim Hughes’s Dockwalk

DieselDoc’s Dockwalk

Janine Ketterer’s Dockwalk

Remember, posting the photos is easy to do. Just add the photos via My Dockwalk and watch them appear on our website. It’s that simple.

We have a very photogenic crew community. It’s time to show us why you belong among “the beautiful people” by posting your photos at

Be bold, have fun and take pictures. Just make sure to post them on

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