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May 2014



Prime Pickings
From location to staff to provisioning options, captains weigh in on what they really want when making that ever-so-important docking decision.

Green and Clean
A little knowledge and effort can clean up your cleaning habits and reduce toxins on board — plus, you could tip the scales in favor of the environment. 
 Earth Friendly
Hit the green trifecta — cleaner fuel, reduced fuel consumption and reduced emissions — with products that will keep the hull sparkling and save the oceans.


The Spy in the Sky   

UAVs: onboard entertainment or security threat? Here’s how to make use of your drone, but keep would-be prying eyes at bay.

The 2014 Loro Piana Caribbean Superyacht Regatta and Rendezvous
The 2014 Westrec Captain and Crew Appreciation Party
Undercurrents and more…



    You can view previous editions of Dockwalk in the Digital Dockwalk archive 

  Digital Dockwalk is sponsored by IGY Marinas