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October 2014


The Placement Game
Make the job search a little less painful with these tips about using crew agents from the crew agents themselves.

To Stay or Not to Stay?
Experts weigh in with their advice on when it’s time to jump ship.

A FLIBS Affair
Celebrate boat show season with our guide to the 2014 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, including the Dockwalk Captains’ Hideout!

Tempest in a Teacup?
The Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 was implemented a year ago. After all the upheaval and chaos it caused, where does the yachting industry stand today?

Fire-able or Fixable?
Captains and industry experts debate fire-able crew offenses, but the results may not be so black and white.

The Passenger Yacht Code
How does this new set of regulations affect the increasing size of yachts and, most importantly, the crew?

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    You can view previous editions of Dockwalk in the Digital Dockwalk archive 

  Digital Dockwalk is sponsored by IGY Marinas