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Editor: Lauren Beck
Managing Editor: Steve Davis  

Associate Editor/Online Content Editor: Janine Ketterer 
Contributing Mediterranean Editor: Claire Griffiths



Associate Publisher: Ben Farnborough
Key accounts: Jon Banks
North America/Caribbean: Douglas Hunter
Europe: Krystyna Ledochowska  


Digital Director: Jim Lee 



Art Director: Dan Brooks 

Ad Production Coordinator: Cheri Betz


Meet the Dockwalk crew





LaurenEditor Lauren Beck has been with Dockwalk for seven years. At 13, she left South Africa aboard a 34-foot sailing boat with her family and ended up in St. Maarten for six years. Before college, she exercised her chamoising muscles during a year-long stint as crew. She cut her journalistic teeth at Better Homes and Gardens and Ladies’ Home Journal online and loves traveling, reading, tennis and rooting for the Boston Red Sox. Email Lauren at  











Managing Editor Steve Davis joined Dockwalk in May 2011. Learning to sail in Northern Michigan at the age of seven, Steve obtained his captain’s license while in California and operated both motor and sailing charter vessels in Lake Tahoe and the BVIs and enjoyed competitive sailing from San Francisco to St. Croix. After working in Chicago as an editor in educational publishing, Steve is ecstatic to be back amongst the yachts, the ocean breeze, an endless summer and a great crew. Email Steve at  




Associate Editor/Online Content Editor Janine Ketterer has been with Dockwalk for five years. A 2007 graduate of Temple University in Philadelphia, she found her way to Florida to begin her journalism career near the marinas of Fort Lauderdale. Her hobbies include running, kickball, soccer, softball and tennis as well as reading, traveling, having cocktails with friends and rooting for the Phillies and Eagles. Email Janine at 








ClairClaire Griffiths is Dockwalk’s contributing editor in the Mediterranean. She fled to the sunny south of France from Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. Claire has a background in journalism for national and regional UK press and a career in political and corporate PR prior to that. Claire’s hobbies include eating, sleeping and dancing at inopportune times. She tries to avoid sheer drops and Olympic bobsled runs. Email Claire at  









Richard Taranto is Dockwalk’s art director, a role he has held for the past five years. Hailing from Stamford, Connecticut, Rich gained his experience in the New York metropolitan area. His hobbies include going to the gym, golf and megayacht spectating. Email Richard at  


Dan Brooks is Dockwalk’s associate designer and self-proclaimed weapons expert. The talented designer joined the Dockwalk crew in May 2007 and “has quickly risen through the ranks to become the magazine’s biggest and brightest star” … or so he says. Dan, known to his co-workers as “Mr. Word,” spends his time “being awesome” and napping. Email Dan at  


Cheri “Cher Bear” Betz has been ad production coordinator of Dockwalk since November 2005. Originally from New Orleans, Cheri is a freelance designer/photographer. She spends her free time warming her co-worker’s hearts, working out, traveling and snapping photos. Email Cheri at  

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