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Marine AC,WM and Refrigeration Tech

  • Position: Service Technician/Mechanic 
  • Location: Miami-Dade  
  • Salary: $17 to $ 30/hr 
  • Employment Type: Permanent 
  • Posted on: Feb 7th 12 
  • Start Date: Immediately 
  • Apply by: May 7th 12 

Job Description

Are you tired on only working 15-20 hours a week? Are your talents being utilized by your current employer? Are you interested in working in a field where your ambitions and experiences are rewarded?$0$0$0We are a marine service company located in Miami-Dade Countylooking for experienced, motivated and dependable individuals who enjoy workingindependently and professionally. Preferred applicant has 3-5 years experience as a marine airconditioning, water maker or refrigeration technician but we are alsointerested in candidates with less experience if your other experience is inthe marine industry. Ex-engineers and captains looking for land based employment should also apply. $0$0$0$0$0You must also possess;$0$0A) Clean driving record;$0$0B) Tools of the trade;$0$0C) Good organizational skills;$0$0D) The ability to communicate, orally and in writing,clearly and professionally with the public;$0$0E) The ability to work in tight, confined spaces.$0$0$0$0$0We provide the following;$0$01) Competitive hourly rates ( $17 to $30 to start);$0$02) Personal/holiday leave (after 90 days);$0$03) Health insurance benefits (after 90 days);$0$04) Factory training and technical schools.$0$0$0$0$0All interested applicants should email to us at the email address above or fax at 954.449.0382. We will contact you immediately if your resume satisfies our employment requirements.$0$0