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New stewardess with a little experience is looking for work in the industry.

  • Name: Katarzyna Kosior
  • Positions: 3rd Stewardess, 3rdStew/laundry, 4th Chef/Lead galley hand, Stewardess/Housekeeper
  • Current Location: Genoa, Italy

  • About Me:
    My intention is to gain both employment and experience as a stewardess within the yachting industry. I currently have some experience when several years ago I spent a month aboard M/Y Elanymor as a   More...
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Hard working, reliable, outgoing. Looking to obtain a full time Jr. Stewardess position.

  • Name: Carrie Bozzard
  • Positions: 3rd Stewardess, 3rdStew/laundry, Administrative Assistant, Bar staff and Cocktail Waitresses
  • Current Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
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