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Deckhand/Dive Instructor with engineering experience looking for work on motor/sail yachts

  • Name: Jamie Farrington
  • Positions: Bosun, Bosun/dive instructor, Deckhand / Lead Deckhand - Bosun, Deckhand/Dive Instructor
  • Current Location: Germany

  • About Me:
    As long as I can remember my passion has always been closely linked to water. Since leaving university with a degree in Business Management & Law I have worked in the areas of; Scuba Diving, Retai   More...
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After ten years as Captain I would like to work on superyachts as Mate or Officer.

  • Positions: Bosun, Captain, Chief Officer, Mate
  • Current Location: SANREMO

  • About Me:
    After eight years as seasonal Skipper on Sailing Yachts private and charter during the summer and sailing race during the winter, two years as Captain on a Motor Yacht. I would like to work on superya   More...
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