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Deckhand with a Recently obtained my YM Offshore, I am looking for a new adventure. I have been onboard my current vessel for an ongoing 16months, however, I want to travel more and gain different experiences in the yachting world as this vessel only travels the med and is a one season boat. I am looking for more responsibility and to broaden my knowledge with a busy charter yacht and very hands maintenance winter period.

  • Name: Chad de Wet
  • Positions: Bosun/Lead Deckhand, DECKHAND AND STEW/COOK TEAM, Lead Deckhand
  • Current Location: Antibes

  • About Me:
    I see myself as a very confident, experienced and professional crewmember. I have a very positive outlook on life, education and working towards the next big thing. With over 5 season under my belt   More...
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Experienced Deckhand with proven longevity. Schengen & B1B2 Visa Yachtmaster Offshore and Dive Master. Available ASAP

  • Name: Johan Wessels
  • Positions: Bosun/ Deckhand, Bosun/Lead Deckhand, Dechand/Divemaster, Deckhand/ Bosun
  • Current Location: Fort Lauderdale

  • About Me:
    I would like to secure full time employment on a busy Private or Charter vessel as a Lead Deckhand on a larger vessel or a Bosun/Mate on a smaller vessel, gaining as much experience as possible and   More...
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