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Awesome S.A Head / Sole Chef looking for a Permanent or Relief position

  • Name: Wayne Dobson
  • Positions: Chef, Chef/Cook, Crew Chef, Sous/Crew Chef
  • Current Location: Fort Lauderdale

  • About Me:
    I have always been very passionate about food and cooking since working in Restaurants from age 13. With nearly 23 years of experience in varied cuisines, and having professionally trained many Cooks   More...
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Owner of catering company and experienced chef is looking for a chef's position on a yacht or charter. STCW Eng 1, Kitchen manager's certificate. Locations and length of time open.

  • Name: Michael Weber
  • Positions: Chef, Crew Chef
  • Current Location: Miami Beach

  • About Me:
    After 18 years as the owner of my own catering company in Miami Beach, I am looking for an exciting change in my profession. I have catered to many successful photo and fashion shoots involving celebr   More...
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