Showing: Crew Chef

Experienced Chef looking for work on motor or sailing yacths in the Mediterranean.

  • Name: Daniel Antonio Contreras
  • Positions: 2nd Chef, 3rd Chef, Chef, Crew Chef
  • Current Location: Italy, Venice

  • About Me:
    My name is Daniel I am looking for a job in the yaching industry, I am a proffesionaly, responsable and serius person. Always I want to grow as a Chef and continually I am learnig about food.   More...
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Yacht Chef Available

  • Name: Lisa Popkin
  • Positions: Chef/Cook, Cook/Chef, Crew Chef, Personal Chef/Cook
  • Current Location: North Myrtle Beach, SC

  • About Me:
    Hello Captains & Recruiters, My name is Lisa Marie. I am an experienced yacht chef, crew cook, former restaurant owner, etc. I am currently seeking employment. Full-time or free-lance will be   More...
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