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Showing: Deck and Interior

Full time Deckhand with growth opportunities

  • Name: Evan Klotz
  • Positions: Daywork, Deck and Interior, Deckhand, Deckhand or Deck/Stew
  • Current Location: Ft Lauderdale
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Couple Deckhand & Stewardess looking for work on yachts in the Mediterranean

  • Name: Danielle Van den Berg
  • Positions: Deck and Interior, Deck and Stew positions, Deck/ Stewardess/ Watersports, Stew/Deck Team
  • Current Location: Cape Town, South Africa

  • About Me:
    To Whom It May Concern My wife Danielle van den Berg and I, Pieter Ras have for the last 10 years been working as lodge managers in the most remote and pristine locations still remaining around t   More...
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