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Experienced Deckhand with Master 100 Ton Inland. looking for long term position.

  • Name: Benjamin Rando
  • Positions: 1st Mate, Deck/ Mate, Deckhand/Cook, Deckhand/Personal Trainer
  • Current Location: Corpus Christi

  • About Me:
    I possess a Master 100 Ton Inland MMC. I'm 29, young, athletic, smart and coachable. I'm extremely helpful and attentive. I pay attention to detail and receive orders well. I pride myself of being coa   More...
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Experienced deckhand looking for work aboard an active sail or motor yacht.

  • Name: Ryan Beckman
  • Positions: Deck and Interior, Deck/ Mate, Mate, Mate/Deckhand
  • Current Location: Great Lakes area. United States

  • About Me:
    My immediate goal is to come aboard an active sail or motor yacht as a long term deckhand or mate, with a captain who will be a good mentor. While I do have some experience already, it is my intention   More...
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