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Experienced Mate/Deckhand seeking employment as a deckhand on a M/Y anywhere in the world.

  • Name: Chad Callahan
  • Positions: 1st Mate, Deck/ Mate, Deckhand (with strong fishing skills), Mate/Deckhand
  • Current Location: Palm Beach Gardens
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Mate, Bosun, Diving Instructor or (temporarily), senior deckhand.

  • Name: D Daniel Koch
  • Positions: Deck/ Mate, Mate/ Deck, Mate/All rounder, Mate/Dive Instructor
  • Current Location: Palma de Mallorca

  • About Me:
    My career objective is to join a vessel that would give me a chance to gain more experience, and where I am given responsibility, and an opportunity for growth. I possess excellent verbal and writt   More...
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