Tagged: Policy

28/05/2010 08:50:00 AM
Guarded Optimism for the Yachting Industry in Florida
By Kelly Sanford 
If passed, a Florida Tax Cap bill can be positive for the yachting community. more...
16/01/2010 12:00:00 PM
Work Hard, Play Hard: Yachties and Alcohol
By Janine Ketterer 
Dockwalk.com poll on crew drinking recap.   more...
19/12/2009 12:30:00 PM
BVI Small Commercial Vessel Compliancy Crackdown
By Louisa Beckett 
Owners and captains of power and sailing charter yachts under 24 meters (78.74 feet) in length, and capable of carrying 12 or fewer passengers, operating in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) this winter will need to have all vessel and more...
04/09/2009 03:50:00 AM
Are Confidentiality Agreements Enforceable?
By Benjamin Maltby, MatrixLloyd 
What do confidentiality agreements mean in a legal sense? more...
11/08/2009 03:15:00 AM
Must I Report It?
By Benjamin Maltby, MatrixLloyd 
Accidents happen...but what do the authorities need to know? more...
01/08/2009 12:00:00 PM
Vacation: All You've Ever Wanted?
By Janine Ketterer 
What crew think about their holiday time.   more...
08/07/2009 04:10:00 AM
They Won’t Pay Me: What Should I Do?
By Benjamin Maltby, MatrixLloyd 
What to do when your owner won't ante up? more...
02/05/2009 12:00:00 PM
Tender and Toy Registration Mandatory in U.S. Waters
By Kelly Sanford 
All vessels, including your tenders and toys, must be registered in U.S. waters. more...
01/05/2009 04:55:00 AM
Is Random Drug Testing in Our Future?
Kate Hubert 
If drug use is rampant in the industry, is it time drug testing became mandatory? more...
29/03/2009 02:00:00 AM
The Trouble with MLC, 2006
By Lauren Beck [Photo: Capt. Mark O'Connell] 
The Maritime Labour Convention is approaching ratification. What this could mean for the superyacht industry. more...