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Upcoming events for superyacht captains and crew 
If there’s an event you’d like us to mention, send an email to .


Marina Genova staff vs. Crew Match 

Every Tuesday evening 

Sestri Ponente 

Compete in a staff versus crew football match every Tuesday at 8 p.m. For more information and to join the crew team, email Margherita at  


Life is for Living
May 22
MC Palma, opposite Club de Mar on the Paseo Maritimo

Attend the Life is for Living: Raising Awareness of Emotional Health in the Yachting Industry seminar featuring guest speakers and personal stories. The goal of the event is to inform people of where to go for help, safe spaces they can call on and create a support structure.

The Ocean Awards 

June 10

Now in its fourth year, the Ocean Awards continue to recognize and reward those that are committed to fixing the crisis in our oceans. The awards recognizes individuals, community groups, organizations, and businesses that have made significant contributions to the heath of the marine environment, to the sustainable management of marine resources, or to public engagement with the oceans and seas in five different categories: The Local Hero, Science, Innovation, Visionary, and Public Awareness.  

Ocean Talks 

June 12
The Royal Geographical Society

In partnership with the Ocean Family Foundation and the NEKTON Oxford Deep Ocean Research Institute, Boat International will hold Ocean Talks, which aims to encourage the yacht community to engage more meaningfully with specialists working in marine conversation. With inspirational and educational talks, Ocean Talks will matchmake scientists in need of access to yachts. For more information, visit: 


Australian Tahiti Rendezvous
June 21
Marina Taina

The Australian Superyacht Rendezvous is a showcase of the leading sailing and motor superyachts in the region. With lots of events on the program in and around the yacht showcase, it will celebrate yachting in Australia and her surrounding waters. For more details on the event:  

Superyacht Cup Palma 

June 19 - 22
Palma de Mallorca

The 23rd edition of The Superyacht Cup Palma will offer yacht owners, their friends, captains, crews, and sponsors the opportunity to meet in an idyllic setting both on and off the water during parties, races, dinners, and more. To find out about the program, how to register, and more, visit: