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Yachtmaster Sailing school, Capetown
Posted: Saturday, December 6, 2014 5:41 PM
Joined: 06/12/2014
Posts: 1

Greetings all, first post here. Before I wire most of my life`s saving to South Africa to enroll in a 18 week yachtmaster training course, can anyone speak from personal experience about the Yachtmaster Sailing School in Capetown?
Posted: Tuesday, December 9, 2014 5:36 PM
Joined: 03/06/2009
Posts: 14

18 Weeks! These schools are crazy in my personal opinion. Yachtmaster should be a 2 week course. STCW another week. If you are paying to get your seatime for the yachtmaster, then rather don't do it. We don't hire deckhands because they have a yachtmaster. We hire them based on experience and past employment. The yachtmaster is just a nice to have for an entry level deckhand, but not a guarantee of a job. I would rather hire a deckhand with a boating background but no YM than I guy with a YM but has no real sea experience.

New crew - don't waist your time and money on unnecessary courses. There are too many schools trying to sell you a whole package when you only need the basics.

Posted: Wednesday, December 10, 2014 12:50 AM

 I did my Offshore with Yachtmaster Sailing School Cape Town, the prices were the cheapest I could find as I am from Cape Town and wanted to do the course while I webt home on holiday-this was over Christmas/New Year. The instructors were awesome, honestly..the guys really knew their stuff and were keen to help you learn anytime of the day or night..the only problem is those instructors have all left now so I'm not sure what the new guys are like! The boats are wrecks, they run two Farr's and an Oyster which are in serious need of refits and are actually kept in Saldanha Bay where you would spend your time (NOT in Cape Town.) Staying on these boats is no good time, the beds/births are pretty painful and get soaked even when tied up on the dock. Everything leaks when sailing and there is no fridge onboard to keep food, only a small cooler box-camper style.

The admin side of the school is even worse, I had staff members calling myself and other class mates while midway through class trying to get us to take extra lessons for a small fee of R8000.00 along with a few other "cheap extras". I was told I would need to change my final exam date and because of  this I would need a book another prep week of practical and this would cost me a further R10000.00. After these and more, I kindly said no thank you and carried on with my day and went on to finish my course on time with no extra cost.
Just a few personal issues I had with the school, a few of my class mates had it worse. Look into Two Oceans academy also in Cape Town. Good instructors, good boats, good prices. Good experience.
Hope this helps! Good luck

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