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EX Royal Navy Engineer
Dirty Strainer
Posted: Thursday, July 4, 2013 2:21 PM
Joined: 04/07/2013
Posts: 1

Hi everyone, I am an ex Engineering Techincian (Marine Engineer) 1st Class. Currently working as a motorman on a self proppelled jack up vessel. I would like to hear from any ex Navy lads or people in the know about how I will go about getting my Certs/experience transferred over to civvy life. I know I need my EOOW ticket etc but any further information would be great! Cheers
Posted: Saturday, July 6, 2013 8:04 AM
Joined: 06/07/2013
Posts: 2

Hi, I'm an ex engineer of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary which as you well know work very close with the Royal Navy. After 17 years I took the jump and made the transition over to the yacht world. It was a great decision even though I enjoyed my time in the RFA, I have never looked back! I would seriously recommend it and certainly look to either go down the EOOW route or if not the Y4/Y3 route. The MCA will be able to tell you what exemptions you have and what qualifications can be transferred to obtain your required qualification. As I was MCA/Merchant Navy trained any way I already had the required tickets so it was quite easy to transfer. If you need more information (I have loads) then post your email and I will be happy to help. Good Luck.
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