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March 2015






Top Chefs 

Spice it up in the galley with some celebrity help — on board and ashore. 


Grape Expectations   

Take your guests’ senses to new heights by mastering the art of wine and food pairings.

Building the Future Bridges
The experts look to the future of bridge design and explore its possibilities and challenges.

Tuning Out
Will the tuned mass damper finally make inroads into the superyacht world?


The 2014 Antigua Concours de Chef

News & Gear and more



February 2015





A New Age of Wellness

Show your guests a whole new meaning to healthy living.


Sun Science  

Stop ignoring the warnings and face the facts: the sun isn’t your friend. Find out what you need to know.

Exercising the Options
Experts weigh in on the keys to successfully designing a gym into a refit.

Now, That’s Class
Your guide to classification societies starts here.


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January 2015





Call to Order
Find out what the ShowBoats International Global Order Book forecast is for 2015 and what the numbers mean for the crew job market.


Yachting experts weigh in on the actual risks of exposure to Ebola and what crew can do to prevent it and other infectious diseases from coming on board.
These big toys offer a whole new level of entertainment and will leave your guests craving more.


Helicopter Rescue  
A rescue at sea is complicated business. Is your crew prepared?


 News & Gear and more