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December 2016               



Showing Off

Are you presenting your yacht in the right light? 

Science at Sea 

More and more yachts are doubling as science labs. Are research charters next? 


The Good and the Bad of the Off and the On

Is the dream of rotation all it’s cracked up to be? 


Striking EAL 

Find out what you need to know when using eco-friendly lubricants. 


The 7th Riviera Yacht Support Golf Bonanza
The 12th Awlgrip Captains’ Golf Invitational

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November 2016                 



Strictly Confidential?

Just how confidential is your information when working with a crew agency? 

On the Job Hunt 

Are there underlying dangers lurking in your job search? 


Big, Bold, and Beautiful

From the hottest parties to The Dockwalk Hideout, get your guide to FLIBS 2016. 


Climbing the Ranks 

Perfect the art of combining both experience and training. 

Crossing the Line

Is psychological abuse present on your yacht?

Playing Both Sides  

Commercial registration versus private registration — is one better than the other? 


The 2016 Monaco Yacht Show 

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 October 2016               



20 Years of Dockwalk

Dockwalk enters its 20th year of publication — take a peek at some of our highlights. 

What’s Cooking? 

Is the industry up to par when it comes to food safety? 


The World is Your Gym

These tips will make your workouts more adventurous. 


Fire Down Below 

Find out how to prevent an engine room fire — and how to fight the flames if necessary. 

To the Ends of the Earth

Off-the-beaten-path Patagonia is worth a visit. These captains will tell you why.

A Holed Hull  

Breach in the hull? Get the lowdown on how to use your quick reflexes to plug it up. 


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 September 2016             



The Wage Report

Get the lowdown on how your paycheck compares to the average in the results from Dockwalk’s 2016 Salary Survey.

The “D” Word 

Find out just how heavy depression sits on the yachting industry and how to cope with its isolating dark spell.


The Marvel of Monaco

From yacht debuts and hot parties, take a sneak peek at what’s in store for the upcoming 2016 Monaco Yacht Show.  


Who’s the Boss? 

Management on board has never been more important. Are you doing it right? 

Mastering Mold

Learn how to take mold into your own hands and protect your crew — and vessel — from its hazardous consequences.

Get Tanked  

Create the ultimate dive system on board with these tips. 


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 August 2016             



From Concept to Creation
Yachting is facing some very forward-looking innovation prospects. See what’s on the horizon.

The Labor of Love 

Several couples share their secrets to making onboard relationships work.

Getting a Lift

The yards weigh in on the best haul-out methods.

Cyber Safety  

Find out how to build up your vessel’s tech defenses. 


2016 Loro Piana Superyacht Regatta 

News & Gear and more


July 2016            






A Safe Ride
As yachts get bigger, so too do their tenders. Find out what you need to know for smooth operations.

Toy Story 

Many yachts are redesigning — or designing — their toy chest and how it functions. Is yours one of them?

A Good, Clean Fight

Get the lowdown on the state of diesel.

Under the Drone  

Learn what flies and what doesn’t when it comes to the rules governing drones. 


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 June 2016          






The Well-Oiled Machine
A happy team equals a happy boat. Is your team as strong as it can be?

The Tipping Point 

Is there an industry standard when it comes to crew gratuity?

The Rise of the Flat Panel

Experts weigh in on the advantages and disadvantages of flat-panel antennas and traditional domes.

It’s Not Easy Being Green  

Find out what the slow, steady progress of the ecological superyacht means for our future at sea. 


Westrec’s Captain and Crew Appreciation Party 
The 2016 Genoa Charter Show  

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 May 2016        






The Superyacht Marina of the Future
Today’s marinas have become full-service destinations — find out what to expect from these modern yacht facilities.

Driven Away: The Med Migration 

Yachts summering in the Med may experience the migrant refugee situation firsthand. Would you know what to do?

No Rest for the Weary

Struggling to comply with MLC, 2006’s hours of rest? Experts weigh in with advice.

Cutting Through the Red Tape  

Make sure you’re up to date with tax regulations and changes before you head off to the Med. 


The 2016 Loro Piana Caribbean Superyacht Regatta and Rendezvous 

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April 2016        






Climbing the Career Ladder
Crew agencies and captains share the rungs of success to help you make it to the top.

Don’t Rock the Boat 

It’s a battle between your conscience and career when the owner arrives on board with the mistress. Can both win?

The "Jaws" Effect

Top scientists weigh in on how to fix sharks’ bad PR and why it’s important that we do.

Disturbing the Deep  

Find out how you can reduce your yacht’s acoustic smog. 


The Azimut-Benetti Yachtmaster 

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March 2016        






Searching for the One
Land the perfect job with these tips.

The Realities of Real Estate 

Is buying property a wise investment?

Filling the Gap

Crew agents weigh in on the best hiring practices for snagging a super star crewmember.

Knowledge is Power  

Find out how to best introduce a new owner to the world of yacht ownership. 


The 2015 Antigua Concours du Chef 

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February 2016        






Inner Beauty
When should stews clean in-house and when should the professionals be brought in? The experts spill their secrets.

The Generation Gap 

Is there a divide between the younger and older crew on board?

Nowhere to Hide

Find out what threats you should be aware of for the coming season — and how to amp up onboard security to protect the yacht against them.

Mission Possible  

Choose the right helicopter for your yacht. 


The 2015 Antigua Charter Yacht Show 

News & Gear and more


January 2016      



Built to Order
Take a look at the state of yachting in the 2016 Global Order Book — and what it means for the crew job market.

The Touch of a Button 

Check out 2016’s latest trends in superyacht A/V systems.

Wine on the Water

The experts weigh in on displaying and protecting fine wine on board.



The 2015 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show 

News & Gear: The METS Edition