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Caribbean or Ft Lauderdale
Posted: Monday, October 31, 2011 2:14 PM
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Hi There, Ok so i'm in a bit of a predicament, I am doing a delivery from Cape Town, South Africa to Tortola, BVI - should arrive there about mid December 2011. I then want to go on to work in either St Maarten or Ft Lauderdale - I have the B1 visa and a British passport so i'm covered for both places. My Question is - I have heard that Ft Lauderdale is quiet at that time of the year and that my best bet for finding work is St Maarten BUT I have also heard that St Maarten is damn near impossible to find work as they are so strict when it comes to dock walking, etc. Does anyone have any advice as to which would be the better place to try my luck? And which paperwork and requirements I might need for St Maarten. Or what I should say when entering? Please I do not need lectures telling me how illegal it is to look for work, blah blah - just looking for solid advice from some fellow yachties that may have experienced this. Thanks,