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Newbie to the site with ideas about going to sea
Posted: Friday, February 18, 2011 10:20 PM
Joined: 18/02/2011
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Good day one and all. Been and had a look around and am impressed with some of the advise but none matches my situation.
I have been a part time commercial fisherman for a few years and have just completed all my certificates to hold a under 16.5 meter fishing vessel skippers ticket to go over 20 miles offshore. I have just found out the boat owner has sold the vessel from under my feet and I have nothing to go back to!!!!!! I understand that, according to MGM411(M+F) section 3.4 and 7, I can skipper a commercial vessel under 24 meters and 150GRT, but only up to 20 miles from shore having taken the ENG1 medical. I've got the medical no problem, even with shortsightedness. I am also a qualified refrigeration and airconditioning engineer, can weld and many other engineering tasks. I can also cook varied, if basic, meals. I really do not want to go back to a "normal" shore based job, nor return to another fishing boat, getting a bit long in the tooth for that at 47, and would ideally like to jump ship and motor off into the sunset as a skipper/engineer on a gentlemans yacht, visiting the hot game fishing spots of the world. Maybe a pipe dream but no harm in trying I say.
So I am asking from those in the know where do I start, what other qualifications do I need and how much could I realistically expect to earn doing said dream job?

Any suggestions welcome.