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Superyacht crew saves the day
Posted: Monday, January 24, 2011 4:14 PM
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According to the the 124-foot sailing yacht Kaori came to the rescue of Lazy Daze, a small craft, off Tasman Island, Australia. The reports, “Kaori left Hobart at 6 a.m. yesterday [Sunday, January 23] bound for New Zealand. However, the yacht took an unexpected detour after receiving a mayday call from a smaller vessel near Tasman Island about 10:45 a.m.”

Capt. Johan Raubenheimer and his crew on Kaori were the second vessel to reach Lazy Daze but agreed to help the crew of three. “‘One could say they were overwhelmed by conditions,’” Capt. Raubenheimer told the

After safely leading the vessel into Fortescue Bay, where both vessels anchored, the Kaori crew invited the Lazy Daze crew on board for a meal. Kaori was set to resume her voyage to New Zealand the next day.