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I'm a horror writer and have some EPROM and ECU questions
Posted: Friday, October 23, 2009 8:47 PM
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I'm writing a fiction book wherein disabling my boat is a key facet of the story.  It's a mega yacht of about 160 feet.  I understand that removing the EPROM from the Engine Control Unit will handily disable power to the engines but is it as simple as that?  Are that not multiple ECUs for various engine systems? 

Once disabled in such as fashion (provided my approach is correct) would it be possible to bypass the ECU and regain engine power without the EPROM?

Basically, under no circumstances do I want the EPROM to be put back in the ECU.  By the same token, I really can't have my boat and all those poor passengers stranded off the shore of that horrible island.  At least, not ALL of them.  Some of course, have to get eaten by the terrible creatures on the horrible island or I wouldn't have a book.  But I'd like to give a couple of them a slim chance of survival, if possible.