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Recipe Management
Chef Adam
Posted: Monday, August 3, 2009 8:11 AM
Joined: 24/10/2008
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I came across a fantastic tool developed by Conde Naste Publishing. It's on it website You need to register with the site. Then you can search their recipe database for all the recipes that you would like to try and add them to 'my recipe box.' If you access the recipe box you can also add and then share your own recipes with other members. Cool. Then if you put the recipes into a folder by dragging them you can make a shopping list for all the ingredients of all the recipes in that folder. If you have recipes in one folder for a one week charter and you need 2lbs of onions for the whole week then that's all the list will show. I think that might be very helpful in cost control and space, inventory management in the galley.

Unfortunately, you can't scale the recipes and it doesn't give you the nutritional information. So it's hard to multiply to 12 portions from a 4 portion meal and have the shopping list be correct. It does give you the option to create your own recipes so that you could multiply recipes you find by 3 or whatever. I have cooked for people who know exactly how much potassium they can have in their diet before they have to seriously worry about a heart attack or muscle seizures. It would be great if the recipe database gave me accurate information so that I could mix and match food to obtain the correct amounts of certain nutrients.

There is some software available for about $20 called MasterCook that has been out for a while. It does recalculate recipes to scale and rounds ingredients to the nearest natural amount. Who has ever heard of 5/64 of a teaspoon? It also on the fly analyzes the ingredients in a recipe and gives the USDA nutritional information for a recipe. It claims that you can import recipes by dropping and clicking but in older version that I have tried it doesn't always get the formatting correct. You can find is software on