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Best Engineering School
Posted: Wednesday, April 29, 2009 5:57 PM
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Just looking for feedback on engineering schools from students. Please not from the schools as you are biased! Experiences good bad and ugly from Warsash, Iyt, Mpt, Bluewater and others. How were the courses run, were the study materials up to standards, were the instructors of use? And did you feel that the school did a good job of preparing you to write the exams with sufficient knowledge of the exam and material. I am very suprised that a yearly review of the schools is not published by Dockwalk or one of the other publications. What could the school do better? where would you go next time? Thanks Oceaneer77
Posted: Wednesday, July 1, 2009 12:37 PM
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Never did an engineering school except for some factory schools from engine manufacturers. When the lady at the CG reviewed my paperwork for my 500/1600 ton ticket told me due to my references and experience and total days she could split it up and I could sit a DDE 4000 I told her "Lady, I don't even want you putting Oiler on my Z card." So I can't tell you which school is best for passing a test, but unless the course is 40 hrs a week for 2-3 years, it won't teach you to be an engineer. 4 years at a Maritime Academy get you an entry grade Unlimited Engineers license. You'll never see an honest review of any school created by student feedback, because they'd all be negative and all these publications, e and print, rely on those schools advertising dollars. Want to take a course for a license? Go to Young Memorial in Morgan City LA, LAMPI in Houma LA or DelGato in Kenner LA. You'll get the same or better than the ones you listed at less than 1/10th the price.
Posted: Friday, September 18, 2009 11:46 AM
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Hi Oceaneer,

I've been to a few of the colleges and I can say John Percivals in Liverpool is by far the best.
They run Oral Prep courses for Engineering and are very well organised.
The pass rate for Engineer Oral exams is something like 80%. Small numbers in the class, sometimes 3 or 4 students to a teacher so it's a very concentrated effort and gives a 'homely' feel.
The building is setup like a boat!
From the minute you phone them, they have the travel, accommodation, course notes, reading materials, everything you need ready for you. Even a list or local recommended restaurants!
When I was last there they weren't set up to do the 40 hr mandatory courses/ SQA exams but I believe they are working toward this. Will definately do my Y2 there if they have the courses by then.

Warsash is good, very well equiped and helpful teachers. Do not stay on campus!
There are many B&B's nearby that are reasonable and usually provide a quiet place to study.

Bluewater is Antibes is good, not sure about their new setup in FL.
Plenty of classrooms and good course notes.

I went to IYT once and will never go back.

Most important to remember is the schools only provide a refresher course, there is no way you can study (and know) the complete Y4 syllabus in just a few weeks.
I found it most beneficial for the teachers to hone my exam technique and have my answers polished.
Sure if you have questions they are there to help, but don't expect them to give you a full run-down of something if you haven't studied it beforehand.

Hope this helps!