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AB certification course, Lifeboat necessary?
Posted: Wednesday, September 9, 2015 4:31 PM
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I am familiar with the yachting industry and I have worked in the yachting industry but am still at the rank of stewardess/deckhand. I have been off boats for a while and I'm ready to go back into the maritime industry but I've heard some things recently about the merchant marine industry that make wonder if perhaps I shouldn't steer that direction. 

I have about 90 or so days of sea time (I was told by MPT that my time working aboard at the dock doesn't count, although when I asked USCG directly, they said they'd "take it into consideration") and I'm signed up for my AB course- JUST the AB course, not the lifeboat class that's attached to it. 

I'm a little confused as I thought that I needed both classes to get the AB "certification" from USCG, but at MPT they are telling me that the AB course itself requires less sea time than the lifeboat class. I don't understand that. I understand that if I take the AB course I have a year to finish up the rest of the sea time required for it (not a problem), but how can I get the official "certification or license", whatever it is, without the lifeboatman class? And it may take me ages to get enough sea time for that. Does anyone know a straight answer? I thought i understood this perfectly, but I'm so confused now.