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Commercial sea time for Yacht NOE
Posted: Thursday, March 12, 2015 10:08 PM
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Hi all, I'm currently in the process of doing OOW Unlimited via distance learning and have my NOE for this. However I'm getting a bit restless at home studying (and broke) and want to go back to sea and continue plodding along with my distance learning alongside a job at sea. My sea time consists of 8 months superyacht and the rest commercial, this may sound obvious, but can I use my commercial sea time towards an OOW(Y)<3000gt NOE? The obvious answer to me would be yes but the MCA doesn't seem too clear on it. It seems the sensible option to me because I only need the GSK module to be eligible training wise. It's either that or go back as a deckhand which just seems counter productive to me seeing as I've completed 70% of my commercial OOW...

Any pearls of wisdom from people who have used seatime from vessels other than yachts would be appreciated.

Posted: Saturday, March 14, 2015 12:25 AM

Of course you can... seatime is seatime, and is designed so that you gain experience in the field... Navigation, safety drills, procedures...

I used time of fishing boats, dredges, barges etc for my 'Yacht' ticket when I did a similiar thing to you... no worries at all, as long as its on a boat over 15m... they don't care what role you work in, deckhand, mate or even skipper as I did....

and if the 3 years seatime required is on boats over 15m you don't need to do the training record book, but just check incase that has changed...

To be honest your seatime is most probably 10 times better then on a yacht... oh but that's right... seatime on a yacht is more about cleaning, polishing, scrubbing teak, haha, but anyone can learn that in a very short period of time... true merchant experience will teach you stuff that will save a life one day...

but if you are 70% through the unlimited version, why bother... by the time you do the GSK and orals etc and get a job you will be done... its extra money to training schools and the MCA and the ticket will be redundant in a few months...

either way good luck...

Posted: Saturday, March 14, 2015 4:17 PM
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Hi there, 

Now that sea service on yachts above 24m counts towards unlimited CoCs there is little reason why it should not apply the other way round (see also MIN 498, more info: 

However, you may still have to be asked for a Training  Record Book. MSN 1802 ( is still the relevant M-Notice for OOW (Yachts, less Than 3,00GT) and states on page 11: 

MCA approved Training Record Book not required if the candidate can provide evidence of 36 months Sea Service in vessels of at least 24 metres in load line length. 

Hope that helps, good luck with both your yacht OOW and your unlimited OOW!