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How did you start out?
Posted: Saturday, March 15, 2014 2:48 PM
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Hello all,

I've was reading through some posts and thought of a question I'd like to ask the forum.

For the non-commercial ticketed engineers how did you build your engineering skills and move into the industry? 

A lot of yachts out there are looking for sole engineers. I'd consider this to be a position of great responsibility and would require someone with a fairly solid knowledge base and skill set. I could see on the larger yachts needing 2nd and 3rd engineers maybe getting in with a trade.

I took an interest in the yachting industry and decided the best way to make myself employable was to go off to the commercial merchant navy and get my experience and licences that way. I never really considered any other avenues. 

I don't want this thread to turn into a commercial vs yacht licence/experience argument. Just interested in the avenues people took to get to where they are today.


This isn't my first post as it might say, I've had to re register because there seemed to be a problem with my account.  Hello again anyway!