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hydraulic power pack on opacmare crane?
steve w
Posted: Tuesday, September 3, 2013 1:38 PM
Joined: 02/05/2011
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I'm about to order a new crane from Opacmare - 3036 but have an issue with deciding what power-pack to spec for a new crane. Their standard is 24V 2.2kw 'Hydronit' unit. I'd like a 220v unit due to the cable size/length required to power the 24v unit but Opacmare would like to charge a few thousand extra for the 220V unit.

 I think that's very expensive for a swap out power pack, and having looked at Hydronit's website, it appears their units are modular, so this could be just a simple motor change.

My question is to anyone who has a Opacmare crane with a at 24V 2.2kw power-pac:  Can you give me the model number of the hydraulic power pack or even just the motor as Opacmare refuse point blank.

I'm sure with the 24V unit part number I can sort out a 220V unit direct at a serious saving.


Please help.