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AMSA Medical VS ENG1
Posted: Monday, March 18, 2013 10:00 AM
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Hey guys I'm sorry if this has been asked before on another thread but I'm having trouble finding out if an AMSA (Australian Maritime Safety Authority) Medical is recognized by the MCA as equivalent to the ENG1? 

I have heard that MCA may recognize an AMSA Medical but it definitely doesn't work vice versa. If there are any Australians out there that can give me a definite answer to whether I will be okay working in Europe with an AMSA Medical as opposed to getting an additional ENG1, it will be greatly appreciated. 



Posted: Monday, March 18, 2013 9:21 PM
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Yes, the MCA do accept an AMSA medical.
Posted: Wednesday, March 20, 2013 12:08 AM

Hi Shane, I will answer your medical question and give you and everyone else a few tips to help you all out....


First of all, AMSA won't accept anything that is not done under their system in their approved colleges... they are pretty, dare I say up them selves, opps I mean strict about it to...


don't go in there with MCA Yachtie tickets cos it won't get you anywhere and same with Aust state tickets and courses done in the UK, they will simply look down at you... I know guys with MCA Master Class 1 (Master Mariner) that have come to Australia and still had trouble....


but YES, the MCA will accept an AMSA medical... you can go into the 'M' notices and their is a list of countries they accept... I have used an AMSA medical for 10 years with various qualifications and endorsements from several flag states, including submitting my AMSA medical to the MCA again recently...


in saying that, certain Captains may not know that you can use an AMSA medical but if you print out the section from the M notices that should get you thru...


if you go on to MSN 1802 it also gives you a list of other quals that the MCA accept from other countries... GMDSS is accepted from Australia as I have done it twice now, and it goes on to say that other short courses are also.... STCW basic training is accepted from AMSA, but not vica versa...


it also says that PSCRB, Adv Medical, Advance Fire are also accepted from Australian colleges, but this is NOT true.... I emailed both the Deck/GMDSS department and also the CERTIFICATION department to clarify that this is still correct, in 2007, both departments said yes and it confirmed what MSN 1802 stated and that it was still current... they also stated the exact colleges in Australia that I could attend.... 3 months later I submitted my application only to be told that they were NOT accepted... WTF... a year later even after forwarding these emails to the Head examiner they wouldn't accept them... well done MCA.. I guess MCA stands for, May Change Again... beware....


that was 2007/2008, and the MCA website STILL states that you can do these courses in Australia and that they will be accepted.... they have had 5 years to update the website and haven't, so don't take anything on there for granted, nor can you take their word coming from the office staff, that apparently specialise is the DECK certification area....


bottom line, go for commercial tickets from other countries and then get a Cayman endorsement for yachts...


but yes Shane, you can use an AMSA medical.... and to book and do the medical you have to call the free call number on the AMSA website and an operator will book you in to the approved doctor nearest to your location... you can no longer just go into a medical centre and do the medical.... it sounds a pain in the butt but its just a phone call...


have fun...

Posted: Monday, April 1, 2013 11:16 AM
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Thanks very much for your reply mate! Very useful information.
Andy Hughes
Posted: Tuesday, August 27, 2013 11:33 PM
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I have an Australian (AMSA) certificate of medical fitness i have used on my last two boats and has been pushed through with question but was ok. 

print off and place it with your certificate. It avoids confusing as most yachties, MCA captains and agents have no clue. 

If you have not already done your medical and need it to get into 'yachting' I would advise you just get the eng1 when you arrive at a yachtie port. this avoids any questions and you can tick the ENG1 box on most forms.

Also, The AMSA medical is a bit more detailed, must go to approved doctor (you do with ENG1 also) but you need to call, book, after medical also go for xray and will cost you around $350 vs being able to call or just walk in and book your eng1 for $150 (Fort Lauderdale)