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Yachtmaster vs. USCG 100 ton
Posted: Friday, February 8, 2013 9:04 PM
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I took my two and a half week course to get my USCG 100 ton. I also have more than 90 days of sea time on a vessel which is 98 tons. However, many of the jobs out there, even for just a deckhand require you to have a yachtmaster ticket.  Is my USCG 100 ton license an equivilant to the yachtmaster? Or would I have to save up money to take my yachtmaster which could set me back around $2k. 
Just curious on your thoughts or knowledge on this one...?

Posted: Tuesday, February 19, 2013 3:01 PM

90 days, wow...killing it....

it takes over 900 days to get an entry level ticket in Australia (Master class 5), which is to act as Master of vessels up to 24m (similiar in length, and up to 200nm from land, like a Yachtmaster)... so either way 90 means very little, sorry...

but most yachts will want a Yachtmaster, as most captains came up thru the yachtie ranks and that is all they know... they don't understand USCG or other commercial tickets (like I have also, but my ticket took over 2000 days to get, and yard time and the 'stand by' time in a marina don't count either...)

 if its not MCA they put it in the 'to hard' basket... but you never know your luck... private yachts may accept anything to simply meet insurance requirements, but the Cayman shipping registry 'recommend' that all crew have appropriate STCW endorsed certificates for the size and area of operation of the yacht... (and by STCW I don't mean the 5 day Basic safety course)

Captain Mike_4
Posted: Tuesday, April 8, 2014 8:37 PM
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Last I checked for a USCG 1000 ton master you are required to have at least 1080 days sea time.  Meaning all these days are required to be underway days, not tied to a dock or in port. IF and I mean a really BIG IF you actually got a license for 100 ton with 90 days sea time, it sure wasn't from the USCG!

Please post accurate information so you at least appear to be credible, otherwise you degrade the license in which so many of us have worked years to achieve! I currently hold he following:

100 ton Near Coastal



Radar Unlimited

Commercial Assistance Towing


And a few other endorsements, with over 6 years of underway days (not tied to a dock or on the hard, actual underway days

So again, please provide actual real information.

Posted: Tuesday, April 8, 2014 11:50 PM
The sea time requirements for the USCG 100 ton are a total of 720 days, 360 of which need to be on a vessel 34 tons or above; or 180 days on a vessel 51 tons or above. Just as the gentleman said before me, be sure your facts are correct. Or at least make them sound more intelligent. 
It took me every bit of 4 years to obtain the 720 days (essentially 2 years) in order to qualify for the USCG 100 ton. To me it is a very valuable piece of paper that I hold. Hopefully you feel the same. Otherwise I do recommend you do the STCW Basic Safety Training course. It's 4 modules, generally takes only 5 days to complete and is most certainly required to work on any larger vessels.

Posted: Wednesday, April 9, 2014 2:33 AM
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Guys, the poor guy just wants to know if he needs to get a yachtmaster...  

Boatingetc, if you want to make yourself competitive and climb the deck ladder, you want as many options as possible, and IMO the yachtmaster will definitely make your life easier. Regardless of whether it's fair or not, many non-American crew who are MCA licensed look down on our ticketing process because there is no practical assessment or wheelhouse requirements until you get to the higher tonnage tickets. The YM, as you probably already know, tests your boat handling skills, and licenses you up to 200 tons offshore as opposed to near coastal or inland.  

As a USCG ticket holder I say take pride in your ticket, but if you want to get ahead in yachting then best to jump on the MCA train. 2k really isn't that big of an investment if it gets you a good bosun or mate position on a nice boat. The bigger question will be whether you choose to upgrade on the MCA or USCG side down the line... IE  if you go YM-> OOW etc. or 100-> 500 -> 1600 etc. Those tickets involve many courses and are very expensive.