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Does work experience as yacht engineer help in other engineering fields?
Alex van Niekerk
Posted: Tuesday, January 22, 2013 9:38 PM
Joined: 02/07/2012
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Hi Guys

My question is maybe a little different than the usual, but here goes...

I have just finished my Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering and looking to start my career as an Engineer. I am however faced with two routes that I can take. The first one is going to work on the super yachts for a few years to build up some capital, and then possibly heading back to the more usual engineering jobs. The 2nd option is to go straight into 'normal' engineering work and start building my career.

My question thus is, if I were to work on the super yachts as an engineer, would prospective engineering companies value my work experience as an engineer on the super yachts, or would I have "wasted" my time? Ie. According to prospective engineering firms hiring me, will the work experience on the super yachts be as valuable as the work experience that I will gain working within the standard engineering firms?

I hope there are some Engineers/HR persons who have some insight into this!

Thank you in advance!!!