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Lucky lad
Posted: Thursday, September 11, 2008 5:04 PM
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Many years ago having left Norway trucking across the North Sea on an 80foot sailing yacht we picked up on a Pan Pan radio call from a North Sea ferry just four miles off our port quarter.  Apparently a passenger had spent some time at the bar and decided to try his hand at tight-rope walking along the grab-rail on the passenger deck.

It was nearly 11pm and very dark, luckily the swell was not big and in conjunction with the ferry and a Norwegian fishing vessel we started our search pattern. Using big search lights we had all hands on deck, the atmosphere was very tense as we knew this guy would not survive for long given the sea temperature. At one stage a seagull let out a screech leading to a serious discussion as to weather it could have been a scream or not.

Anyway after 20mins the ferry found the swimmer who had sobered up somewhat.. What a lucky lad and what a night, I shall never forget it.