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Increase Your Marketability - Upgrade Now
Posted: Tuesday, August 26, 2008 4:30 PM
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The highest pay and best jobs are often connected to the level of certification you hold. A lot of crew have the sea time to upgrade their certification and haven't found the time or money to get back to school and upgrade. Now is a great time to upgrade your certificates, whether it is going from OOW to Chief Mate or Master or Y4 up to Y3 or maybe even Yachtmaster to OOW or Master 200 to Master 3000 ton. Now is the time. Be ready to market yourself before the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show. It can be done if you start soon!

As for the cost, training in the USA is cheaper than Europe and the UK due to the weak dollar. Take advantage of that. Also, you may qualify for a student loan!

The increased salary that you can probably command after an upgrade should help you pay off your training. There are few industries where this is as possible to do as the yachting industry.

Many of our students can pay off their course fees within a couple of months of getting a new job. Imagine that shore based college students take many years to pay off their loans.

I do not underestimate the committment that it takes in time or in money to upgrade, but I know that it makes a difference in how you can market yourself and that is why I believe in it so much!