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How I'm Getting Started - Helps and How To's
Posted: Thursday, August 21, 2008 2:11 PM
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Hello all,
First off i'd probably need to take a moment to introduce myself.  I am Christopher, a 35 year old guy living on the west coast of US.  As early as late last year i started to get "bitten" so to speak.  Like anything else in my life it's either all or nothing and all is where i am headed. It all started when i like many others realized that a job behind a desk is not for me. From there it was all about a decision, then a series of actions aimed at implementing that decision.

My particular interest is in assisting owners and captains in operating and maintaining sailing vessels.  I maintain true to that goal by safely saying i have no interest in motor yachts. I live to sail.

That said my efforts have been focused on formal training in the sailing world. I have managed the first 3 classes from ASA (American Sailing Association) and gained a good bit of experience over the last year sailing 2-4 times a week in San Francisco. 

My next step is aboard "Wild Rose", a 37ft Tartan for an epic sailing adventure down in the Sea of Cortez, Mexico.  From there who knows but my goal is to log some miles, gain some experience, then graduate to more challenging vessels. STCW-95 is definately in the plan.

So what else?  Once i go i really have nothing tying me, keeping me from returning back to the US. I guess i will have to wait and see what port i wind up in!

My point is simple.  If you want to do it you can.  It's only a matter of decision and concerted effort toward success. Granted things come up that hold you back.  Family and friends may look at you like you're nuts.  (in my case they do at least) Stay true and focused and working as crew will become a reality!  I'm living proof that noone needs to work behind a desk if that's not what they want out of life.

Cheers and Fair Winds!!!

Posted: Friday, August 22, 2008 3:27 PM
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Sounds like you are ready for adventure...Good for you!

I'm inspired by people like you who take these kinds of career risks to follow your passion. We should all be this passionate. I think a lot of people have similar passions, so I hope you'll let us know how your adventure turns out. I'd love to read more about it here.

Posted: Thursday, January 8, 2009 8:54 AM
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Hi Christopher,

Great to read your inspiring and motivating!

I am 40 years old, and started working on cruise ships only 3 years ago.  Now I have got the travel bug, I am keen to make the move to yachts, but finding it really difficult  to get into, or to even get a response from anyone.

Would be great to hear you you are getting on, and to be pointed in the right direction!