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To convert or not convert, that is the question
Brad Urquhart
Posted: Sunday, May 6, 2012 8:45 AM
Joined: 12/04/2011
Posts: 9

Hi guys. Quick one here. I'm currently RYA Yachtmaster offshore commercially endorsed with STCW. I'm thinking of: Doing the conversion to: STCW ii/2 COC. Is there any benefit to doing this???? (besides that its then a commercially recognised license) Next question is: Apparently by doing GMDSS I can start the OOW syllabus and have a 500GT license (though not fully endorsed). Is this fact or fantasy? And final question: Any preference in schools? I can do it in Singapore or Malaysia (I'm based in Thailand at the moment) and obviously Malaysia's a fair bit cheaper. As a Captain hiring would you feel that Singapore is the better one or would it not really matter as both are certified schools? Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks!