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Hurricane Frances
Posted: Wednesday, October 26, 2011 6:37 PM
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With the storm in the Carib it made think of Hurricane Frances and the Explorer One with broken anchors, port engine dead, no steering and no bow thruster. I'm driving all over Lake Worth trying to find something to snag the chains on to help me keep the bow up in the wind. Finally I just had to set up to drive it into the WPBYC to keep it from destroying the bridge when the only thing I had left died. When I got on the boat a day and a half earlier, no one had started it for months and it only had 600 gallons of black fuel (no water, not even a coffee machine) that I couldn't do anything about at that point. Once the storm band came through and the anchors broke it was a rapidly progressing cascade of failures as I needed to use heavy power to keep us out of the bridge. With one main and 2 generators down in a few minutes, I figured I needed to do something pretty soon. I laughed my @ss off when CNN came over to interview me. I couldn't believe they found it interesting since there was no death, blood and destruction involved. Watching the reporter later, I figured it out, hurricanes really aren't that bloody interesting.

 The funniest thing was when he was across the street in a full set of Halley's doing the whole "Mime walking into the wind" thing for the camera when some guy and his dog stroll along the board walk right behind him... Watching him and the look on his face when he signaled "cut" to his cameraman as the dude and dog strolled on by, freakin priceless. That was a great memorable moment, I just wish that would have been airing live.