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Any US Veterans used their GI Bill?
Posted: Monday, July 27, 2009 5:27 PM
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Hi All,
 I am wondering if anyone out there has used there GI Bill, any of the Chapters, and what they felt about it. More so, anyone like me still eligible, and how they feel about the new Chapter 33 not being available to us attending a "vocational" school, instead of an IHL. I just used my Chapter 30 at MPT, but all I am going to get is about $1000, because I was not there for a month, was told that it does not count for accelerated payments, it's only for high-tech class, i.e. the Microsoft User Certificates!! Even though I was in class from 8-4/5 everyday. Yet someone who has the new Chapter 33, gets school 100% paid for, and gets BAH@E-5 w/ Dependents.
Just in case your wondering, Senator Jim Webb of Virgina is who pushed this through, and you should contact your Congressional blowharts, and let them know it is not fair.