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a teeny tiny request for advise and for help
Posted: Monday, May 4, 2009 2:24 AM
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Hello all,

I put this post in this thread assuming it might be appropriate, eventhough it's not about a famous celebrity we may all know. I have been to Fort Lauderdale, Florida four times since 2005 during the Caribbean season, and I've seen the same homeless guy doing the same thing for four years.  Some of you who will read this post who will know who I'm referring to. 

I've seen this young homeless man in or around US1 and SE 17th/SE 16th street. He's a  black man in short dreads, and I think he may be from the Caribbean.  I've seen him in the same disposition as somewhat disheveled, wearing sort of trendy clothes [sometimes dirty and ripped], and almost always looking sweaty and tired as he crosses US 1 or constantly heads toward a telephone booth next to Dunkin Donuts.   I have approached him a few times and attempted to offer a little bit of money and information about trying to get help. This young man seems to be suffering from a psychotic disorder. While I'm aware we see people like this a lot, especially in urban cities, this area is very transient and small,  yet I still see this guy year after year.  I am not able to help him other than information I've offered to him in the past. And whenever I drive by he almost always looks at my car for a few seconds before turning away. He's refused money and help.  I don't think he maybe able to receive services, if he's  not a legal resident, though I could be wrong.

I thought I would put this out here for somebody who may have seen this person before and would be interested in offering this man any assistance. Thanks.

Posted: Monday, May 4, 2009 8:33 AM
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Good on you Cecilia . Nice to see compassion for fellow humans from a yachty. Not typical, most yachties are oblivious to the world. 
    Many times homeless people  have psychiatric problems. Be wise.   Since your not a professional  you will help best by contacting a  community social worker to have a chat with this homeless man.
    Right here in the shipyard where I have the yacht is a man named Ralph.  He has lived in a cardboard box next to the garbage Dumpsters, inside the  shipyard security fence, for many years.  Everyone knows Ralph and everyone keeps an eye on him.  He is wheelchair bound, sixty something years old and  a very nice guy . Ralph is homeless because of physiological problems.  He likes to live inside the shipyard because its safe from crimes and intimidating drunk rednecks. .
   Have compassion for that homeless man but first contact a social worker, they know many things about people and how best to help them.