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Yachts with over 7 FT draft need a pilot in Florida waters
Posted: Saturday, April 27, 2019 11:18 PM
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With all the yachts that visit Florida would it not make sense for Florida State to change the law to exempt Yachts up to a more realistic size or draft from the requirements of pilotage, I doubt there is enough pilots to work all the yachts on a busy day.

It seems that this law is broken every day either by not knowing or deliberately.  Should there be an accident I bet the Captan and Owner of the yacht will be in for a surprise.  

Surely there is some group out there that wants to fix this up?

310.141  Vessels subject to pilotage.--

(1)  All vessels shall have a licensed state pilot or certificated deputy pilot on board to direct the movements of the vessel when entering or leaving ports of this state or when underway upon the navigable waters of the bays, rivers, harbors, and ports of this state, except:

(a)  Vessels exempted by the laws of the United States;

(b)  Monohulled vessels drawing less than 7 feet of water;

(c)  Multihulled, swath, or nondisplacement vessels for which the product of the length overall and extreme beam is less than 6,000 square feet, and which draw less than 7 feet of water;

(d)  Any vessel, when docking or undocking; or

(e)  Any vessel, when moving about within a shipyard or moving between a shipyard and a berth or slip directly adjacent to the shipyard.

(2)  A vessel is docking or undocking when a tug or tugs are assisting the vessel, or the vessel is making use of a bow thruster or other lateral thrust devices incorporated into the vessel itself, in close proximity to the dock, with the vessel under the direction or control of the master, docking master, licensed state pilot, or certificated deputy pilot. If the vessel that is docking or undocking is under the direction or control of the master or docking master, such direction or control must have been delivered from the licensed state pilot or be in the process of being delivered to the licensed state pilot.

(3)  Nothing in this section shall be construed to deny the services of a licensed state pilot to a vessel otherwise exempt who applies for such service.

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