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Are you safe in your classroom dudes?
Ged The Pleb
Posted: Tuesday, November 14, 2017 9:08 AM
Joined: 10/11/2017
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Imagine the scene...sitting in front of me being slowly asassinated by my powerpoint and dribbling nonsense when you smell smoke followed by seeing smoke entering the room!

Underneath is an engineering workshop where the fire has started and our only escape is through the smoke, down an unprotected stairway and through the only exit doors BUT cool katz...our escape is blocked by the fire having spread to the fuel soaked mini engineering workshop which some crazy fool has thought a great idea to place right on the escape cannot hear an alarm because there isn`t one...maybe a cheap smoke detector is hanging off the ceiling somewhere but it`s all a bit too late...we are trapped.

Maybe use one of the out of date, non serviced extinguishers that may or may not would we know without correct servicing and maintenance??

Always have a fire plan in your head, do your research, check out escape routes and ask yourself: "would I put a childrens playroom up there??"

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