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Is millennial love an emoji 😍
Posted: Saturday, January 14, 2017 11:00 AM
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 Social media combined with the way we live, has desensitized everyone. Everything’s disposable now, including love.

Love is little more than an emoji tap on a smart device these days. In a world where it's possible to have a real and virtual partner, it's easy to be emotionally unfaithful, and discreetly crossover and communicate with  a stranger discovered online. 

Is it safe to live outside physical networks and delve into unknown ones, that tempt us to share words and body heat if there's a spark?

I know plenty  of people that are in serious relationships that shop online, if you know what I mean!!!!

Sexting and exposing ourselves online, can yield negative consequences. Which is why it's so important to click after you've considered how quickly information spreads online. 

A friend of mine was complaining about Facebook, and how it ruined his relationship. Apparently his now pregnant girlfriend saw compromising photos of him partying with another woman on one of her real friends postings. 

Upon hearing this, I pointed out that Facebook and other social media shares information to the world and his  background frolicking being captured and then posted online  was inevitable.

Posted: Friday, January 20, 2017 1:03 AM

Wow, that is wise! Very few people realize how technology can ruin relationships nowadays. I wouldn't say it's just millennials though, all ages can be guilty of it that use social media. I know of one couple that managed to combat it very well! Actually as it relates to yachting, the owner's kid of the very very first yacht I worked on was close to my age and rrreally fancied me, mind you this was small time and it was mostly day charters ( he trained the deckhands which I was at the time). It went on for two years with me never wanting to be more than platonic friends because I viewed him as a player and he wasn't catholic and I was suuuper catholic. Well then I guess he gave up or just decided it was time and he got married! Well it didn't work out with me being there because people around there kind of knew how we were good friends and he brought her to work there -_- (but I really didn't want to be there anymore anyway after that) but he kept me as a friend on FB. Anyway she was catholic (haha), and he converted to catholocism, and before they got married they did all those classes and talked with a priest and what not and he was the one that told them about the dangers and perils to relationships nowadays. SO, they combined their two Facebook accounts (and now they have 1 fb account) he/ they still kept me on though. Now it has been 9? Years (9? Wow! Haha) and I messaged him/them only once about what the fair pay for a charter boat captain starting out for day cruises should be (I'm in a slightly different field now) because my boyfriend I was living with ( we are broken up now because of a technology/emotional affair he was having) wanted to start doing that as a side job for fun or maybe get into yachting with me after he was done being a pilot for the gov ( yea I don't know how I get so lucky¯\_(ツ)_/¯ or unlucky??). 

Anyway it was a very innocent message, I said congrats that they were still happy that my bf wanted to try to start being a charter boat captain and how much should he ask for at the place he was going to start at. He/they did not message back at all! I am cool with it I just thought it was a bit extreme, since it has been like 9 yearst! But whatever they have been doing it has surely been working for them. They have kids and are always posting family pictures, still happy and still going strong! I am really not bitter about it I am happy for them that they didn't get sucked into the perils of technology. As far as my ex, sadly he will never be in a happy, fulfilling relationship, not until he figures that out. Emotional affairs people! They are just as bad as physical ones or worse, and the internet, technology and FB only makes it eaiser! It's called windows and doors, when you open up a window of your soul to someone, you place a -door- between you and your s.o.! I am not saying everyone should get rid of their Facebook or merge their accounts. Me personally I need my fb because it is the only way to keep in touch with friends and family with all the travelling. I just think people should be mindful of what they write, share and who they talk to. Maybe there is clearly something wrong if 1) you have to have a lock code on your phone, and 2) you have anything written in your e-mail or phone that you wouldn't want them to see. I am not saying I was never guilty of it. It was something I had to learn the hard way...