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Tips for Pairing Beer with Food
The Grateful Palate Provisions
Posted: Tuesday, August 18, 2015 5:15 PM
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There’s a new take on pairing that offers a refreshing alternative to the familiar wine and food pairings your guests undoubtedly know so well. The latest craze in pairing is all about finding the perfect craft beers to complement your meal. Even wine lovers have learned that beer can pair amazingly well with all kinds of foods. I love beer and food together and I’m happy to see that the trend is inspiring chefs everywhere. 


What beers pair best with your menu? The goal is to have the beer and food enhance and not overwhelm each other. That begins with understanding the interactions when specific types of craft beers are paired with specific dishes.  


The good news is that there’s lots of room for experimenting and there are no wrong answers.  Some chefs prefer finding commonalities and will pair a spicy Indian curry with spicy pale ale or a fruity beer with a fruity salad or dessert. The beer and food are meant to be in harmony. In contrast to the complementary approach, others prefer the drama of contrasting flavors, such as pairing a bitter stout with the sweetness of lobster or a sweet beer with a salty dish. In terms of body, beers are light, medium and heavy, and you typically pair them with foods accordingly.  


The combinations are infinite! If you’re serving pasta with a robust sauce, you might want to lighten it up with an India pale ale. For tacos or ceviche, grab onto the lemon and lime flavors with the hint of citrus in an American pale ale. Looking for a great complement to steak? Try pairing it with the roasted malt flavors of porters or stouts. Have fun discovering how beer can be every bit as food friendly as wine! 

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