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Ex Royal Navy
Posted: Monday, July 14, 2014 7:08 PM
Joined: 05/02/2014
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Hi all

I left the RN in 2011 after being a marine engineer for 4 years. I already have gained STCW basics in all but first aid which I am doing soon. 

I am about to send my LIA of to MCA and was wondering if anyone else has been in the same boat and what reply they got from the MCA or know of any engineering rating that have come into the industry



Dave Goldie
Posted: Wednesday, July 16, 2014 8:21 AM
Joined: 23/06/2014
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There are plenty of ex-RN engineers employed in the industry so hopefully one or 2 will respond to your request.  As an example we have an ex-MEM who is the 3rd Engineer on an 87mtr Superyacht, an ex-POMEA who is the Chief Engineer on a 55 mtr yacht and an Ex-LMEM who is a 2nd Engineer on a 64 mtr boat.

The LIA that you sent to the MCA along with your qualifications will determine where you map across to the yacht world with regards to qualifications. My guess is that you will be a 'Y4' or EOOW.  Once you have you Certificate of Competency from the MCA you can apply for a position through a 'Registered' Crew Placement agency, preferably one with MLC accreditation. (Try Super-Yachtcrew based in Ringwood).

There is no doubt that you military experience, bearing and attitude (including timekeeping) will place you in good stead.  Its ironic that you will need sea-time in the industry for you to progress, irrespective of the RN service.

Get hold of the MCGA Maritime Notice MGN 156 which lists all of the competencies for Engineers.

If you have completed ISSC then that covers 4 of the 5 STCW components, including the first aid.  You just need to do the new 'Security Training' module that came in with the Manila amendments.  Having your Advanced Firefighting is a good thing.

Good luck shipmate...It's a different world.