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dockwalking/job hunting frt laurderdale
Posted: Saturday, December 29, 2012 10:53 AM
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Hey there people! New to the industry and have been trying to get on yahcts for the past year now. Have my STCW and ENG 1 but it seems without experience and contacts is very tricky to get a foot in the door even with extensive restaurant and hospitality experience...Thinking of flying out to Frt Lauderdale to get my name out and try my luck there...have heard that there is no better way to get a job than to be at the right place... Any suggestions/advice is greatly appreciated! Take care all the best for the new year! Luke!
Posted: Saturday, December 29, 2012 4:17 PM
If you go to Lauderdale, keep in mind you are competing with thousands of others in your same shoes. You'll spend a ton of money staying at a crew house. Try looking around where you live but if there isn't anything then try Lauderdale.
Posted: Saturday, December 29, 2012 7:05 PM
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In other posts you have indicated that you have extensive (chef level?) cooking experience. If you have the time and funds go to Ft. Lauderdale and leverage these skills to get a foot in the door.


One way would be to contact Sam of Sam's Crew Castle and find out when she is scheduled to have a lot of MPT senior-level students (preferably current yacht crew upgrading their tickets). Then take over the kitchen (it is a big one) and pretend you are on a yacht with guests for a week. If you do a good job feeding the students, managing the provisioning and keeping the kitchen spotless, they will pass the word  


Good Luck,



Posted: Sunday, December 30, 2012 8:25 AM
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Thank you very much guys! Some great information! I understand every man and his dog will have the same idea, but i feel i have the advantage over the others! Take care!