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Unlimited EOOW opportunities
Posted: Monday, June 17, 2019 10:54 PM
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At the end of the year I will have gained my unlimited class 4 engineer licence after competing a cadetship in the U.K. Before starting my starting my cadetship, I worked on yachts for 4 years starting as a deckhand and then moving to deck/engineer which is what convinced me to follow the engineer route. During my cadetship I have spent 4 months on a cruiseship and 5 months on a LNG tanker, and I have realised I’d rather be back working on yachts, but now as an engineer. My question is what opportunities are there in yachting for someone  with my licence? I’d rather work on something larger (more than 3000kw) where I can gain sea time for my unlimited seconds ticket. Also I’d rather work as a third engineer to start with, do they have this position on yachts? Any advice is appreciated.