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Stages of Kidney Disease: What Leads To Stage 4 Kidney Cancer?

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While it’s popular to hear more about stage 4 kidney cancer but what truly happens is that there are several stages of this cancer. These different stages are a way that’s been found to describe how exactly the disease has progressed. Only after determining at which phase the cancer is at that it could be possible to create a proper plan for treatment.
By clearly dividing all of the stages both the patient and doctor are able to quickly understand how serious and how dangerous a particular kidney problem is and how much have the cancer cells spread over the patient’s body. It is important for both parties to know if the cancer cells are still contained in the kidney or if they have been able to spread to over parts of your body.
When dividing the stages it’s very common for a number to be attributed to a stage, from 1 to 4. That number will be a good way for the patient to know the survival rates of his particular problem (these survival rates numbers are updated every 5 years). So, which are the stages of renal cancer?

Stages Leading to Stage 3 Kidney Disease
As mentioned before, there are four different stages:
• At the Stage 1, the cancer cells are still only in the kidney and haven’t spread to any other part of your body. In this stage, not even the tissues that are right next to it have got any of these bad cells. The cancer itself is still smaller than 2.8 inches;
• In Stage 2, while the cancer is in fact still inside the kidney it has grown a bit more and it now over 2.8 inches. These stages are the easiest to treat as the cancer is still only inside the kidney and hasn’t started to spread to other areas;
• When in Stage 3, the cancer is not only in the kidney but also in the adjacent areas. However, it’s still relatively comprised in terms of area, and can only be found on an adrenal gland, major vein next to the kidney or one lymph node;
• When it reaches a Stage 4 Kidney Cancer, it’s already a very threatening situation. The cancer has spread all over the body and is probably already affective more than one area of the body.
The biggest issue with this later type of cancer is that treatment is hard as there is no way of determining where exactly it is. Even when a cancer is removed, some “leftovers” could make it reappear and spread through the body all over again.

Avoiding Stage 4 Kidney Cancer
In order for you to avoid getting to the stage 4 you should follow the right treatment and make sure that you regularly check your health to make sure that you keep yourself healthy.
It’s much easier to treat for a stage 1 cancer than it is to treat the later stages and the sooner you get a proper diagnose the higher the chances for survival are.

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