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Im from South Africa, This will be my first time as a Yachtie, scared as sh*t but also very positive and excited!!!! I will be leaving for Antibes in April.If there is anyone that can give me some tips or info, it will be helpfull.thanx!!!Excited to meet new people and seeing the world. Piece*

HI, how did you get visa?
Posted by: Olga( Visit ) at 22/02/2012 00:07

Hello Bianca,

If you have not had any other responses email me at
Posted by: Michelle( Visit ) at 22/02/2012 07:19

hey bianca sent u a friends request on this and im in antibes ... i'd suggest getting out here asap lots of jobs atm and it's only going to get busier with people looking for work. happy to meet up with u if im still here when u get here.
Posted by: Chris at 24/02/2012 12:33

Hi Chris, don't know if all my paper work will be done for this season, Still need to apply for Visa and do my courses. Will keep u updated if I can make it!!!Thanks* ;)
Posted by: Bianca at 24/02/2012 12:57

Check out the book 'School Chairs to Millionaires' by William Fullagar. He is South African currently onboard a yacht in the South of France. I have been in yachting for the past 4 years and have followed his advice and have not looked back!
Posted by: Fran Molloy at 25/02/2012 02:43

@fran,thanx for the info.:) will have a look at the book.
Posted by: Bianca at 26/02/2012 15:06

Hey Bianca, my name is Neil - also from SA and heading out to Antibes at the end of March. I did my visa this morning and now I lie in wait for the news...eek!! Good luck with everything up there.
Posted by: Neil at 28/02/2012 14:32

Hi Bianca,

Im from Cape Town, leaving for Antibes at the end of April. I am busy applying for my visa now, rather nervous!

Good luck with the job search.
Posted by: Michelle Cross at 29/02/2012 10:47

@Neil + Michelle would have love you join u all in Antibes, but something came up,and I will not be done with my courses for the season :( Hopefully next season!very sad!!
Posted by: Bianca at 06/03/2012 08:27

LoL... would have love TO join u guys!!!
Posted by: Bianca at 06/03/2012 08:32

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