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m/y Cafe @ Rybovich Marina....A Yachtie Greetin', Meetin' and Eatin' Spot!

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     Opening on January 3rd, 2012, m/y Cafe has emerged onto the landscape at Rybovich marina offering another potentially great, "greeting, meeting and eating spot not just for the captains and crews but for the contractors, sub-contractors, management, and administrative staff located in Palm Beach, some refer to as the new Ft. Lauderdale.  Rybovich marina offers some unique ameneties for its transient and somewhat permanent yachties and staff.  Without appointment you will not get through the gates if you are trying to do your dockwalking strut however, even if you are out just to sample the cafe.  Palm beach is certainly re-emerging as a hub for the yacht to come and dock, get serviced and enjoy some nice perks, namely the recently opened m/y cafe.  Staffed with young hottie yachtie styled cuties, the diner style "pen and pad in hand" service with a smile is a good ole fashioned staple that the cafe presents as a cornerstone of a wonderful experience.  Each day new features are scribbled onto an eraseable marker board boasting a bounty of wonderful flavor profiles with an international flare at times.  In the works are themed nights such as Mega Burger Monday, with an already in existence Taco Tuesday with your choice of beef, chicken, shrimp or mahi mahi, so nice they named it twice.  Other distant ideas were, Wild Wing Wednesday with "Hottie Yachtie Sauce", now under development.  Thirsty Thursday where perhaps, vintners or wine reps would come in and offer wine tastings for the discerning palate. Friday is still kickin' with the ever popular themed crew parties offering an array of featurings including, beer and wine (no hard liqour), however the days of free beer and wine have waned to the wayside.  I was privy to sampling some of the fare on my visit with Mario Byrne, a calm cool and collected director of marketing one rainy afternoon.  The ever changing menu includes a signature sandwich, which we both agreed didn't seem like it would strike either of our fancies.  The Hawaiian Chicken Melt, comprised of a semi-savory and sweet chicken salad, professed to be the most unique item on the menu having been discoverd in Kauai, served "regular" or low fat with a pineapple slice on grilled raisin bread, was certainly intriguing and actually pretty good served with house cut gaufrette (waffle cut), style sweet potatoes, lightly fried and topped of with "Magic Baker's Sugar Dust".  If you happen to have the luxury of visiting the cafe, let them know what you would like to see on the menu so it will fit the tastes of those who actually attend this new gem next to the sea!  Chef Peter Z from the Sea encourages to let your palate get pleased!!! Have you visited the cafe and what were your thoughts, comments, concerns, etc.

Only one word to describe it! Horrific!!!
Posted by: Just Add Water at 18/02/2012 00:27

Nope...not appealing. Really unappetizing name for a Cafe...M/Y Cafe ?

Jeez...I can visualize peacefully chomping down then being terrorized by waves of blow in Gin Palace potentials asking ...Got any Work Skip ?

Tell em' to change the name.

If the cafe wants to be a big hit with the Stinkers, call it the " THE MARINE STORE " and skip any reference to cafe. Print the menu to reflect common marine supplies then give recipts for the gang to take back to thier Gin Palaces. A pint of beer could be called....PAINT THINNER 2.99 or the all you can eat lunchtime AWLGRIP SPECIAL, 29.99.

Be sure to Cover the tables with fake leopard skins to make the crew feel at home.

Remember to place plenty of crew safety warnings around.............CAREFUL !!! dont fall in the water on your way back to the may get wet.
Posted by: junior at 18/02/2012 11:37

Sounds Terrible ... when will dining establishments in the US have the same class as in Europe!!
Posted by: John Boudet at 19/02/2012 03:21 for you your comments are sarcastic and unproductive. However, for you John could you PM me on facebook or I would love to know some of your ideas for I am trying to help evolve too.
Posted by: Chef Peter Zieglemeier at 19/02/2012 13:30

Ok...don't take my advice and soon you will be filp flopping on the dock like a sardine. .

Of course you could approach from a different business angle...instead of the "marine store" menu you could serve decent , candle lit grub , then have topless waitress's sell drugs at the same time. Yachties with great wedges of cash would pack the place.

Perhaps " La Farmacia " would be a good name for the joint ?

Wise up my friend, grub is insignificant... the three S's.... sun, sex and substance abuse are the formula for anything successful around yachts.
Posted by: junior at 19/02/2012 15:41

It amazes me on how ignorant some yachties can be. Those are obviously the American Haters that still come to the states begging for work.
Posted by: Marc at 22/02/2012 21:39

Sorry that you see Anti Americanism . I see another frivolous yachty joint. When the lunch bell sounds, gangs of yacht crew pour off the boats with one hour to eat, relax then get back to work. Frivality has no place in the daily yacht crew cycle. Yacht crew have whole cities of attractions for after hours.
Posted by: junior at 24/02/2012 09:30

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