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     This season, all over the globe is slooooooooooooooooooow, primarily it seems for chefs!  My sources tell me that the stew/cook is taking over the scene in mega force.  Leading me to my question; "Does a culinary degree from an accredited, recognized school even matter any more in obtaining a position on board?"  What is your take on this issue?  It is evident in many of the advertisements this season from not only the recognized agencies but from the seemingly endless pop up agencies on facebook, which btw is the new forum for securing work.  Are the days of dockwalking over?  With the tightening of the reigns from local marinas of who can and cannot get in the gates, it has become increasingly harder to leisurely stroll down the docks or put up a flyer at the marina offices.  Then here in America the buzz is that certain non-USA folks are obtaining the wrong visa but for them the right reasons to come over here and take US jobs away with them, and the funny thing is that we are letting them get away with it.  Would there be a shortage of qualified individuals in the industry if the agencies, captains and job placers crack down on this?  There may be talk about having a black mark stamped in passports of those who attempt to do this and get caught. Many of the ads for chefs are filled with discrimination too.  No Americans, female only, male only, age limits and so forth and so on, where will it stop.  There is even an agency in Europe for pretty people only, fuglies not apply.  Where and when will the line be drawn.  With the Miami boat show underway, you will find a plethora of people looking for work, are they all legally allowed to do so.  If you take a look at some of the blogs written there is a huge influx of newbies, fresh blood flowing into the industry, and many green horns and many without culinary training or even (for the stew side) no silver service or even restaurant experience. Do you think these people are helping the industry go 'round or hurting the quality of service, Oh....and yes this is the service industry not the modeling industry.  So do you think a culinary degree or some degree of training is relevant in todays ever changing world of yachting.  Chef Peter Z and the Sea want to know!

I worked like a japanese prisoner of war to become a chef. It seems that everyone is an expert on food these days though most people haven't washed a dish or swept a floor in their life. I mean, have you ever watch a group of men standing around a BBQ, they are all experts...if you want to have and opinion, do a 4 year apprenticeship 7 days a week 12+ hrs a day, then go an be a commi for another 4 yrs or whatever.......
Posted by: bob at 22/02/2012 06:36

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