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Exited to get back into the industry......

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After almost 2years of being back in South Africa I have realized that there is nothing else in life that I'd love doing more than being a yachtie. I have decided to get back into the industry and have the life that i had a few years ago, the one that i absolutely fell inlove with.

I am looking to start work end of April, early May this year so if there is anyone out there that needs the help of a fun, reliable stewardess, I would love to help out and be a part of a team again.

My CV is updated and on the site so don't hesitate.

So exited....hope to see you all soon.

Kind Regards


Hey Chantel How are you ? Im a South African who just finished my courses as Day Skipper etc if you can please give me some tips how did you go over the first time what vissa did you use etc please i would apreciate it
Posted by: ronnie at 23/02/2012 06:18

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