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     Some really easy to acquire or make and store items can make the difference between an ordinary chef and a supurb resourceful chef.  Creativity is king and having these following items available are a great way to keep your range of resources plentiful.  Flour torillas, wonton wrappers, pasta wrappers, frozen pasta dough, puff pastry dough, various types of cookie doughs, mix up dry goods for baking cakes in large ziplocs and lable them and include what else you will need to complete the package.  Also, making bread and pizza dough ahead of time will really open up your range of things that you can actually accomplish in the limited time you know we all have during charters.  Making cheesecakes and other dessert items like custards, sauces (berry, chocolate and caramel, etc.), ahead of time will save you valuable time in the galley so you can work on fine tuning other dishes with interesting garne and such. Sometimes the day before I need my pizza crust I will bake it off in the oven so the next day it comes out nice and crisp because we all know that most yachts are not equipped with a 500 degree pizza stone style oven.  I find that the pizza stone in those yacht ovens takes away from the way my baking items come out.  So I usually remove them and use olive oil coated pizza pans and bake off my pesto schmeared pie dough flipping it once during the par baking process instead.  Pasta wrappers are great to have because you can put almost anything in them you need to move out; sun-dried tomatoes, mushrooms, ricotta, basil, tomatoes, seafood, etc., then a quick pan boil and viola interesting ravioli at a moments notice, and you can freeze these too for a not too distant use.  What staples around your galley in the way of pre prep are you dabbling with chefs?  Explain what you are doing to make your galley world go around a bit more smoothly!  Chef Peter Z from the Sea and the World of Yacht chefs want to know!


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