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Crew dinners what’s your take?

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Whenever there is a crew dinner planned some people get very excited and others volunteer for watch.


For the most part crew dinners are a blast but every now and then they are a burden, especially if there is hidden tension between crew members, because alcohol can loosen peoples lips awkward verbal exchanges can occur towards the end of the night and this can ruin the festive mood and that is probably why captains tell people to drink moderately during the dinner. 


I for one enjoy crew meals because it’s one of the few times the majority of the crew are actually together, having said that I don’t think formally organized crew events immediately after a busy season are a good idea. 


In my experience people need time to put things into perspective and let off a little steam in their own time before an organized crew meal should occur.


They say a crew that plays together stays together, well I wish to add something to that and say crews that play nice and put workplace differences aside during work related social outings are true professionals.

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